Alex Bellanton

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Private Wealth Advisor


Fields of Study
Finance & Financial Management

Psychology is the study of behavior and mind, embracing all aspects of human experience. It is an academic discipline and an applied science which seeks to understand individuals and groups by establishing general principles and researching specific cases.

Finance is a field that deals with the study of investments. It includes the dynamics of assets and liabilities over time under conditions of different degrees of uncertainty and risk. Finance can also be defined as the science of money management. A key point in finance is the time value of money, which states that purchasing power of one unit of currency can vary over time. Finance aims to price assets based on their risk level and their expected rate of return. Finance can be broken into three different sub-categories: public finance, corporate finance and personal finance.

Financial management refers to the efficient and effective management of money (funds) in such a manner as to accomplish the objectives of the organization. It is the specialized function directly associated with the top management.


Bachelors of Art (BA)             University of Virginia

Masters in BSBA-Logo-Primaryusiness Administration (MBA)   University of Miami


What inspired you to enter the profession of wealth management?

Having spent a majority of my professional life as an educator and having started my own private tutoring service, Private Wealth Management was the perfect opportunity for me to leverage the relationship building and entrepreneurial skills that I developed in my professional career.

What was your greatest challenge in school?

I always struggled with time management when I was in school. To overcome that, I would sit in a teacher’s office or classroom after school and complete my homework while they prepared for the next day. Being in the same room as an adult who was being productive was always helpful to me.


What is the biggest change in the field of wealth management?

Robo-advisors are the latest innovation in the wealth management industry. They are a simple and inexpensive way for anyone to invest. They are gaining momentum and stand to disrupt the industry in a big way.

for_website_-_leadershipmiami_1How do you give back to your community?

I currently work with the YMCA of South Florida and an organization called Leadership Miami. Both organizations seek to create safe spaces for the people of South Florida to grow and develop into contributing members of the South Florida community.


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