Adrian Holloway

Healing the Developing World


Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Pediatric Intensivist

Fields of Study
Medicine & Global Health



University of Virginia, Bachelor of Science, Chemistry 

Medical College of Virginia , Doctor of Medicine (MD)




What inspired you to become a medical doctor?

My grandmother was a nurse for 40 years and was my first exposure to medicine. Given the limitation of race and sex, being a physician was not an option for her. She inspired to me to pursue medicine as a career and was a great example moving forward about how to make a difference in people’s lives.

Tell us about the biggest hurtle you overcame while you were in school.

Sometimes understanding that I belonged and had earned my position in medical school. With a great support group of friends and mentors, I was able to maintain my confidence and to not let mistakes discourage me.

What is one of the newest ideas in medicine?

One of the newest ideas in medicine is bringing intensive care and telemedicine to developing countries. There is a large push to bring high-level technology, training, novel medical devices and equipment to help manage disaster, outbreaks, and surgical care in the developing world. Currently, I am the program director for the Global Health Pediatric Critical Care Fellowship at the University of Maryland Medical Center and together, with a team of experts from multiple universities, are helping to build the first pediatric intensive care unit in Malawi.

How do you give back to your community?

I give back to my community through mentorship and education. It’s important for me to help inspire and coach the next generation of physicians. Additionally, I endeavor to support my colleagues in their philanthropic efforts.

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