Making Student STEM Education & Mentoring Grants

Partner Organizations are eligible to participate in The Patrick Spann Foundation’s Investment Grant program.  Note that we define these grants as investments as our mission to grow the presence of women, minorities, and adults raised in low-income households in the STEM professions and in community service.  As many of the students that are participating today in our Partner Organization programs may only be in their 7th year of school -  getting these children to the finish line may require hard work over many years.  

Also, while we work with Partner Organizations to support student services, our investment grants actually target three groups: Partner Organizations, students, and employers.  Here is a brief description of the grants that we have currently designed to address each of these groups. 

Partner Organization Investment Grants

These grants provide monetary support to Partner Organizations that offer programs that serve 7th – 9th grade students who have academic promise but lack the educational and social resources that are important to breaking the barriers to economic advancement. We look for organizations that provide training in one or more of the STEM areas, student mentoring, and community service. There are three types of Partner Organization Investment grants. 

Funding to support specific student programs.  For example, we will provide funding to cover the costs related to a Partner Organization's specific program. These costs may be to provide students with transportation to a training site or with the materials to complete the program.

Funding to increase the number of students that can benefit from the Partner Organization's services.  Examples of this category of funding may for purchasing computers and equipment that will be used for multiple student programs.

Funding to improve the operations of the Partner Organization.  Unlike many other grant programs, we provide funding targeted to improve the ability of Partner Organizations to manage the administration of their services. This may include funding for accounting software, program performance tracking systems, and staff education.  In every case, the Partner Organization will be responsible for making the case how the funding will be used and the anticipated outcome for making these expenditures.  If an award is made, Partner Organizations will also be required to report on their progress in reaching their goals. Grant awards are subject to available funds, the number of grants allotted, and the scope of each applicant's proposed project. Partner Organizations will be notified when a grant award is available. 

Student Investment Grants 

Pending funding we offer special grants to individual students enrolled in our Partner Organization programs.  Partner Organizations who have received Foundation grants will be eligible to nominate highly promising students to receive funding to cover costs related to participating in a specific program.  This funding may cover tuition, books, supplies, or other cost associated with the program.  Funding may be available to assist students in attending special events and applying for college admissions.  Partner Organizations may also be invited to have their students participate in special award programs that the Foundation conducts.  One example of this grant category, is the anticipated PSF Bridgespann Award.  This award provides the student with seed funding of up to $500 to initiate a program designed to improve their community.  Students will be asked to submit a business plan for how their idea will be implemented.  The Foundation will offer guidelines and assistance to the student in developing the plan. We anticipate that the idea will spring from their experience in completing a program sponsored by the Partner Organization.  The Partner Organization will be responsible for the administration of the grant award funds. Grant awards are subject to available funds and the number of awards allotted.  Partner Organizations will be notified when a grant award is available. 

STEM Industry Career Match Program

Through its Industry Partners program, Pat's Foundation implements a strategy of working to solve the problems that companies have in securing a workforce with advanced STEM skills. This strategy is based on our belief that the only way to prepare our children for real jobs is to know what companies need.  Our STEM Industry Career Match Program connects our Industry Partners to the STEM workforce pipeline. Additional information about our Industry Partners and Career Match Program, go to the Industry Workforce Partnerships section of this site.