STEM Heroes Program

The STEM Heroes program is a virtual student mentoring tool.  

Echoing the design of a Hall of Fame, it to give students the opportunity to link to the Foundation website to explore what it takes to have a career that requires advanced STEM skills. It also showcases the accomplishments of our network of young STEM professionals. We invite select members of our network to participate in the Hall of Fame. We particularly look for young professionals who may share certain life experiences with the students that we are supporting.

Each  STEM Hero is asked to tell their story of how they surmounted the challenge of completing their education, their current work focus, and how they personally give back to their community. Using this information we develop a STEM Hero profile that includes the STEM Hero's profile as well as relevant links to information about college programs in their field and careers information about their field. To give students an idea of how they can be at the head of the line when they are ready for their first job, we ask the STEM Hero to describe what discoveries or new methods are creating the biggest changes in their field.  We also spotlight significant milestones in our STEM Heroes careers as we learn of them.

Take a tour of the STEM Heroes Hall of Fame

Our plans for reaching out to Partner Organization students 

The possibilities for enhancing the value of The STEM Heroes Hall of Fame for students are many -- particularly in how we can help students to connect with their hero. Our strategy is to work with our Partner Organizations for facilitating this extension of the program. Each Hall of Fame hero profile page is already equipped to receive questions from students.  Student questions will be screened by the Pat's Foundation main office and then forwarded to the STEM Hero.  STEM Hero responses to student questions will be forwarded to the Partner Organization to distribute to the student.  

Another method that we are developing is a Meet the STEM Hero video conference program. At a regularly scheduled time, Partner Organizations will be able to join the conference. Students who are currently at the Partner Organization site will be able to ask the featured hero questions about their work. We are already conducting groundwork to launch this video conference program by gathering information about the video conferencing capabilities of prospective Partner Organizations. 

Nominate a STEM Hero

Contact us if know you know of an individual who would be a great addition to The Patrick Spann Foundation STEM Heroes Hall of Fame.  We will send them a link to the online application.  And if you want to join the Hall of Fame, please click here to access the application and send it to use right away. If approved, we will send you a link to your profile to review before it goes live on our website.