Partnering with STEM Education & Mentoring Experts

We recognize the effort and expertise that it requires to mentor and train our children. Therefore, The Patrick Spann Foundation has chosen the strategy of  only providing grant support to organizations with which we have a long-standing relationship.  While all of the organizations that become Partner Organization have a track record of success, they may not have a long history or be heavily endowed but their strategy and commitment is strong.  Investing in our Partner Organizations improves our ability to help them grow in capacity and quality over time.

Forging a relationship with an organization rather than simply supporting a program has greater benefit.  A relationship gives us deep


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information from the people who are at the front lines about what is working and what is not working for our students. This information helps us better target our investments.  It also indicates how we can utilize the skills of our network of STEM professionals in addressing Partner Organization's challenges. Finally, it opens the door for Pat's Foundation to support the efforts of particularly promising students as they move beyond these programs. Through these relationships we hope to help these organizations grow in the capacity and ability to best serve our children.

Our Partner Organizations are clear about their goals, have adequate operations to support their goals, and the right people in place to meet their goals.  Our Partner Organization application process is rigorous. It includes a review of the organization's financial structure and status, current training resources, staffing, program description and performance, and record of community service. If possible, we visit each Partner Organization candidate and when necessary follow-up with specific questions that arise from our review of their application. Once they become a Partner Organization they are eligible to apply for new grants and to participate in programs designed to help them expand their reach and to extend the Foundation's knowledge about what students need.

Partnering with the Best

Partner Organizations are selected based on our needs assessment that included a review of research on what factors makes these programs work best for girls, minorities and low-income students.  However, not all of our Partner Organizations look the same.  Some may prioritize student mentoring, technical training, or community service.  Some of our Partner Organizations may give attention to all three areas. In any case, we look for evidence detailing how their programs are helping us meet our mission.

For example, we look for  evidence of  how our Partner Organization programs are (a) improving grades that students achieve in their junior high school or high school math and/or science classes, (b) increasing in the number of students who choose an undergraduate college major that requires the attainment of advanced science and/or math skills, (c) increasing the number of students who attain an undergraduate degree in a major that requires the attainment of advanced science and/or math skills, and (d) increasing the number of students who enter into an occupation that requires advanced science and/or math skills.  If these metrics are not being tracked by our Partner Organizations then we encourage them to do so.  Finally, our interest in the performance of our Partner Organizations, however, does not end with the application process. Partner Organizations are required to provide us with updates on their activities and plans for the future.  Investment grant awardees are required to provide reports of their progress.

Student Education

We give preference to organizations with programs that (1) career exploration, (2) opportunities for parental involvement,  (3) social services supports, (4) hands-on work experience, (5) standardized curriculum, and (6) detailed learning plans to improve individual student skills. These are the factors that are most associated with long-term student success.  We also give preference to organizations that integrate 21st Century Skills principles in their programs so that students have the work ethic and style required to thrive in this ever changing economy.

Community Service

As our end-goal is to have these children grow into adults who have careers that give them both personal satisfaction and the income to invest into their community, we are interested in partnering with organizations that integrate community service within their programs. There should be evidence that the organization values the importance of community service; both in how it serves the community and in how it grows the love of community services within their students.

Become a Partner Organization

The Patrick Spann Foundation is actively seeking organizations that it can partner with to meet our goal of supporting mentoring and training programs that will grow the presence of the women, African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, and adults who were raised by low-income families in the STEM professions and prepare them for community service. We are  especially interested in supporting organizations that fill the mentoring and training gap that exists for students who have promise but lack the educational and/or social resources that are important to breaking the barriers to economic advancement.

Once approved, Partner Organizations will be eligible to apply for our grant awards as they arise. Partners Organizations also will be honored in our STEM Heroes Hall of Fame and invited to participate in our Industry Round Table Forums and other educational, networking, and outreach programs.  And to keep the conversation going the Board will appoint one of our volunteer leaders to be the Foundation liaison to each Partner Organization.

Organizations may apply at any time to be an approved Partner Organization with The Patrick Spann Foundation, please complete the application below or following this link to the application: