Building the STEM Workforce & Their Communities


The mission of Pat's Foundation is to invest in strategies that prepare girls and low-income kids to become STEM leaders and community re-builders.

The Foundation was established in 2014 to honor Patrick’s vision of rebuilding our economy and our communities. A graduate of the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools, Cornell University, and Fordham University, Patrick Spann applied his engineering skills to advance a career in operations, sales, and marketing. And while Patrick did not live to see his 34th birthday, his success gave him the opportunity, as an African American man, to be a role-model and mentor to low-income and minority students.

As a mentor, Patrick found that many of the young people that he mentored seemed already defeated. They had no hope in themselves -- or -- in their community.  Patrick witnessed how mentoring changed the perspective of these young people. In their role models they saw that success was achievable. Patrick believed that so empowered, these young people would grow to breathe new life into their communities. 

Like Patrick, we are sure that the vitality of our nation is dependent on the success of the next generation. Therefore, Patrick’s friends join together to connect with industry, parents, community leaders, and educators to continue his work and move toward a future when all youth demonstrate integrity and are productive members of their communities.