Girls 4 Science Partner Organization

Partner Organizations are selected as based on our needs assessment that included a review of research on what factors makes these programs work best for girls, minorities and low-income students.  
Not all of our Partner Organizations, however,  look the same. Some may prioritize student mentoring, technical training, or community service. Some of our Partner Organizations may give attention to all three areas.
Yet, every Partner Organization provides a unique set of services that help us meet our mission.




The mission of Girls 4 Science (G4S) is to increase science literacy among girls 10-18 years of age in science, technology, engineering and math.  G4S focuses on developing skills, self-esteem, opportunity awareness, as well as relationship building that will help girls overcome barriers that may prevent them from achieving greater success in STEM careers.


Girls 4 Science are the receipients of a Pat's Foundation Chelsea & Andre Kozaczka Award.  This grant support the Girls 4 Science Winter 2018 Astronomy Module to begin December 2017. Specifically, our grant will fund the bus transportation costs for students registered in this module to travel to and from the Adler Planetarium and the Joliet Junior College Observatory. The grant will also provide funding for the students to attend a program at Adler Planetarium.  For more information about this program you can download the flyer here


In 2009, Jackie Lomax’s daughter expressed interest in a career in science. When she was unable to find a community-based science program to help her achieve her dreams, Jackie ambitiously set out to create one. With support from the local community, she created a plan to provide hands-on experience and professional mentorship in STEM to develop academic skills, self-esteem, and strong relationships to increase professional opportunities in STEM fields. The first session in 2009 drew almost 40 girls. Today, Girls 4 Science is making science a reality for her daughter and over 500 other young women in the city of Chicago. The purpose of G4S is to increase science literacy among underserved female youth ages 10‐18 throughout the Chicagoland area. G4S is a direct response to a lack of accessible and affordable STEM programs for female youth in the city of Chicago.


A science initiative for the city of Chicago, such as Girls 4 science, is grounded in the promotion of education and future economic stability which is paramount for at risk youth and ultimately effects change at the micro and macro levels. G4S draws upon external partners to provide comprehensive hands-on, personal experiences during six-week sessions. It is Chicago's only all-girls science initiative providing certified instructors in a state of the art laboratory. It is also an organization offering a noncompetitive, peer-to-peer environment of encouragement.  

Collaboration: Meaningful long-term partnerships with organizations, companies and individuals allow G4S to access premier space and resources to provide participants with the premier technology and quality instruction.

Scientific Discovery: Hands-on scientific exploration and discovery is crucial to increased interest in science and scientific literacy.

Accessibility: G4S operates as a free Saturday Science Academy. The open enrollment policy does not discriminate on the basis of financial status.

Mentorship: G4S creates on-going mentorship opportunities that increase young women’s access to information while building relationships with role models that will help participants prepare for the future.

Community Engagement:  G4S holds events in the community to spread the word about women’s achievement in math and science and tear down any negative stereotypes.


Six-week Modules (Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter) focusing on specific STEM fields such as medicine and astronomy, economics, botany, engineering, and architecture.

  • Each module is led by certified instructors that offer noncompetitive, peer-to-peer instruction in state of art laboratories. 
  • Students explore each field by conducting experiments and through study in small groups. Each module includes field Trips to museums, zoos, businesses, nature preserves and other sites to supplement and enhance laboratory assignments.
  • Students are mentored to introduce them to women pioneers in science and technology, as well as to professionals and college students who can offer guidance and a friendly ear.
  • Scholarships are available to select 12th graders who have completed at least 12 weeks of the G4S program and seek to apply for undergraduate study in science, technology, math or engineering.
2013 Girls For Science Report Card
  • 35 Schools represented throughout the Chicagoland area
  • 100 Girls participate in G4S each quarter
  • Over 80% returning participants each quarter
  • 11 New volunteers each quarter
  • 94% Confident in Science upon completing the program

Girls 4 Science

P. O. Box 288958

Chicago, IL 60628


Executive Director: Jackie Lomax